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Bad Credit Car Finance: Buy Your Dream Car Today

Everyone contemplates leading a luxurious life having all the amenities in his home. Having a car is one of those amenities that everyone craves for. You may also have been having a long cherished dream of having a car in your portico but your pocket might have been a constraint. Moreover, if you are a bad credit holder the way to your dream is thornier. But now bad credit is not at all a matter of tension, as bad credit car finance is there to put the keys of your dream car in your pocket.

These are the loans specially designed to meet the requirements of bad credit holders. So, your credit status is not at all a basis of demarcation. These loans are available in both the forms- the secured form and the unsecured one. If you go for secured bad credit car finance you have to offer collateral against the loan amount while you need no collateral to place for unsecured type of loan. You must stick to the scheduled repayment schedule so as to avoid any further intricacies as your credit status is already stained.

The figures:
You can apply for an amount of £1000 to £5000 depending upon your requirement and repayment capacity. The interest rate charged by the lenders varies from 9% to 16% APR. You are given a period of 1 to 5 years to repay the amount. You can expect the funds to be in your account within a few working days.

Application procedure:
The procedures pertaining to bad credit car finance are completely online. You have to select the suitable lender and apply to him online. Then you have to submit the details of your income and expenditure along with the papers of the collateral (if applied). The lender then approves the loan amount which is transferred to your bank account immediately.

So, if a car in your porch has been your long cherished dream the time has come to make your dream come true. Just have some clicks on the screen and watch your dream car molding in the desired shape in front of your eyes.

To help you with comforts of transportation bad credit car loans are there n abundance. The amount is sufficient, rate affordable with these loans. So you are encouraged to go for these loans even if you suffer from IVA’s, CCJ’s, arrears, insolvency.